iPhone 9: This is the price of a budget iPhone that is making noise!

iPhone 9: This is the price of a budget iPhone that is making noise!


The most important information about Apple’s “budget device” iPhone 9 (or iPhone SE2) has been unveiled for weeks.

The smartphone cases, reportedly the successor to the iPhone SE, have reportedly come to retailers like Best Buy.

iPhone 9 Released date

According to a release, retailers have been asked not to include these new iPhone caskets in their inventory until next Sunday, April 5th. Maybe an Apple release on April 5th? Guess that.

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The upcoming iPhone 9 is expected to be an affordable iPhone just like the 2016 iPhone SE.

The 9to5Mac website shared with us the image, which includes the case of the iPhone 9. The released image features the Urban Armor Gear Branding ie UAG phone branding on the back of the case.

It appears that this case in red will provide hardness and protection to leather casks via a metal exoskeleton or frame.

At the top right is the cutout for the camera. The packaging for this case is written “New iPhone 4.7”, 2020. This is in line with the display size found in previous leaks about the iPhone 9 or iPhone SE2.

The packaging for this case is branded as ‘approved by the Military Standard’.

As previously reported, retailers who received these cases, including Best Buy, have been asked not to display it on the product list until the end of this week.

According to the 9to5Mac website, which released the photo, Apple is likely to release its iPhone 9 or iPhone SE2 on April 5, though it is announced this week and will be available for purchase next week.

As for features, the Apple iPhone 9 is expected to come with a 4.7-inch LCD panel and Touch ID Home Button. It can be powered by Apple’s A13 chip and have 3GB of RAM. In terms of pricing, the Indian estimate is expected to reach approximately Rs 30,000.

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